Terms & Conditions

Acceptance of Order: Upon receipt and acceptance of estimate , Clive Weston & Co Ltd must have a written letter or email of consent to go ahead with the work estimated. We do not take a deposit, only the email or letter is needed.

Cancellation: If the contract is cancelled by the customer and Clive Weston & Co Ltd accepts the cancellation, Clive Weston & Co Ltd will be entitled to charge the customer for all costs incurred by Clive Weston & Co Ltd up to the date of cancellation. If the manufacturer's have completed the transaction, Clive Weston & Co Ltd will be entitled to charge the customer 85% of the contract price.

Unsolicited Calls: If a sale is made from an unsolicited call, Clive Weston & Co Ltd offer a 7 day cancellation period where the contract may be cancelled in full, without penalty, in writing by recorded delivery. This only applies to unsolicited calls.

Payment: Payment is to be made in full upon satisfactory completion of the detailed works as estimated.

Retention of Title: Clive Weston & Co Ltd will remain the sole and absolute owner of all materials supplied under contract until payment is made in full.

Installation: The customer shall grant Clive Weston & Co Ltd 's employees access to the premises at reasonable times for carrying out work specified. Clive Weston & Co Ltd will make good any damage caused by installation to plaster, flooring, rendering, brickwork, etc. immediately surrounding any door, window or conservatory installation; but does not undertake to provide matching ceramics, wallpaper or paintwork.

Condensation: Clive Weston & Co Ltd cannot guarantee that condensation if any, can be eliminated or reduced by installation of it's products.

Guarantee Summary: (See Full Guarantee for Terms and Conditions)

  • 10 years on PVCu/ Aluminium/ GRP/ Doors/ Windows/ Conservatories & Skylights.
  • 10 years on Double Glazed Sealed Units fitted to PVCu & GRP breaking down.
  • 5 years on Timber Windows & Double Glazed Units fitted to timber windows.
  • 5 years on Locks and Hinges/ 1 year on Handles/ 1 month on cracked Double Glazed Units.



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