Ultion 3 Star Plus Protection Locks

Approved by locksmiths, Kitemark and is the preferred specification for UK Police.

With burglaries on the rise and customers increasing concerns about security and safety, we have been researching the most secure locks.


How are locks forced?- Lock drilling
- Lock snapping
- Lock bumping
- Lock picking

9/10 of forced locks are snapped.


Why choose Ultion?
With 20 drill defences, 2 part plug design and 2 attack locks, Ultion 3 Star Plus can greatly improve the security of your home.

- When the Ultion lock is attacked, it goes into Double Lockdown Mode. An attack lock will be activated to secure the lock.
- Anti-snap protection means the lock has to be snapped twice before the core is visible.
- Molybdenum core is 25% denser than iron, making it very durable and strong. The core contains the attack pins.


Key Control

Key control is activated after you have registered for the £2000 guarantee.

Your key is then linked only to you.

Alerts will be sent to you if and when your keys are trying to be copied by someone else.

Only you can approve the copying of keys, giving you complete control of your homes security.